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Flooding in New York is an unfortunately common occurrence, one that property owners really can't afford to ignore. Water damage is both difficult and expensive to eradicate, and it can end up being a cost that the owner hadn't really planned for. To make matters worse, there doesn't have to be a lot of moisture to cause major problems. If you're interested in learning more about flood insurance, Robert Alan Agency, Inc. can give you the facts.

Flood Insurance in New York

Flooding is typically not included in a traditional property insurance policy, but not everyone realizes this until it's too late. Older buildings in the state may have cracks in the foundation that aren't apparent until the structure undergoes enough pressure. We've seen what can happen to a property if it's overloaded with too much water. Not only can it ruin the building and its contents but it can also affect the grounds as well.

Soil may be affected or pipes may be damaged. Finally, mildew and mold may form from that water damage, causing dangerous and unsafe conditions for residents and guests alike. Certain types of mold can cause anything from allergies to casualties. Because it can hide in the walls, homeowners may not even realize the true extent of the damage until weeks or months after the storm.

Finding Help

It only takes a bit of water to create a major problem for property owners. Flood insurance makes it possible for owners to restore the property so it's both safe and functional for anyone who may use it. If you're interested in learning more about how flood insurance can improve everyone's safety, call Robert Alan Agency Inc. We're here to take you through the practical matters of a policy so there's no confusion if and when you need to use it. We know how to help our customers choose the right policy so they're always protected.