New York Motorcycle Insurance coverage

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There’s a sense of freedom driving down the road that can’t be fully explained. As a motorcycle driver, you know this freedom requires being constantly alert to what’s going on around you because you’re out in the open. We know you want to enjoy riding without worrying about problems. Having motorcycle insurance can help that experience by knowing that you and anyone riding with you is protected should an accident happen.

Understanding Motorcycle Insurance Coverage.

Motorcycle insurance works very similar to auto insurance to help financially protect you and those you care about. Depending on the coverage options you select, your insurance can:

  • Pay for damage and repairs to your motorcycle resulting from an accident.
  • Cover accident damage to another vehicle or other property.
  • Cover medical expenses associated with an accident.
  • Pay for losses caused by underinsured or uninsured drivers.
  • Reimburse you for damages suffered because of vandalism, natural disasters or theft.
  • Pay for legal costs related to a motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Motorcycle insurance can seem confusing. But once you understand the different types of coverages that make up your policy, it’s not hard at all.