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Umbrella insurance is a smart choice for business owners in New York, and private citizens alike. This coverage is a safety net that kicks in when other coverage plans are depleted. Our insurance experts at Robert Alan Agency Inc put together this helpful information about Umbrella Insurance.

What Gets Covered?

As the name suggests, umbrella insurance is designed to cover a wide variety of different things. This type of coverage is also known as supplemental insurance and is designed to supplement other insurance plans when and if they become depleted.

If a liability or New York homeowners policy becomes fully used, then the rest of the costs would be out of pocket for the individual or business in Inc. Umbrella insurance kicks in when these policies run out to pick up the extra costs.

Who Should get Umbrella Insurance?

This type of coverage is great for a few different types of individuals including business owners.

  • Homeowners - If you own a home or other property, this coverage option will pick up the slack if your other coverage options are depleted. This can be due to liability issues you may face with guests on your property or incidents that are deemed your fault.
  • Landlords - If you are a landlord, you may be especially vulnerable to lawsuits and the resulting damages. Umbrella insurance can prevent those costs from eating into your savings and holdings.
  • Business Owners - If you run a company of any kind, this is great coverage for you to protect your interests. Things like food service, entertainment, and construction benefit from this added protection.

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